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Welcome To Bright Cleaning Commercial & Residential Cleaning Services! We provide the best service to our customers to make them happy.

Let us do the dirty work for you! Our cleaning professionals can master even the deepest level of clean for your home!

Bright Cleaning offers the deep cleaning service option, a comprehensive and thorough cleaning at your home. This package is incredibly beneficial for everyone, in fact, we recommend that you have your home deep cleaned if you haven’t, and this should be done on a regular basis (at least within three months). A Deep Cleaning operation consists of all the services offered by a standard cleaning operation, but it comes with some extra benefits as it pays thorough attention to all the parts of the home, even to areas that you have forgotten in time past. This thorough cleaning operation will no doubt get your to sparkle and shine, this deep clean is recommended for our first visit to your property. You can however subscribe for the standard cleaning service for subsequent meetings, as this operation will be more than sufficient to keep your home in top shape.


Weekly cleanings keep your home fresh and clean all month long. Choose this option if you just don’t have the time to spare for cleaning.

If you need to have your home spruced up once a week, we have you covered! Many clients choose to have a weekly clean so that they can focus their time on other things. We understand the importance of having a clean home, and we treat your home as if it were our own. Special rates are available for weekly recurring cleaning services.

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Bi-weekly cleaning services are also available, for those that may not need us every single week. Sometimes once a month just isn’t enough.

Bi-weekly cleaning services are also available. We will come out every other week and take care of all of your cleaning needs. Start out with a deep cleaning to get more for your money, as we offer special rates for the recurring cleaning services when you opt for a deep clean to begin with. We will make your home sparkle.

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Is monthly cleaning more of something that meets your needs? Budget friendly monthly cleaning services are also available.

If you tend to take care of some of the cleaning, but just want to have it professionally done once per month – we do that too! We will come in once each month at your convenience and make your home sparkle. Monthly cleaning services are really popular, as they offer you some freedom with your time, and may be more budget friendly for some clients.

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